Native American Fighting Secrets 3 DVD Set by Randall Brown

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Randall Brown is a 12th degree black belt and grandmaster. He is 4th degree black belt in Yondan, an expert at Sambo combat, and an authorized instructor in six other martial arts.

But Randall Brown set all of those hard years of training aside to pursue what he knows to be the most brutal, effective, and little known fighting system that doesn’t have an ounce of Asian influence.

After spending years winning trust and proving himself to the various tribes of North American Plains Indians he was finally shown the tightly guarded Indian fighting skills that have been passed down over the centuries but rarely ever taught to anyone outside the tribe.

After being trusted with these skills and discovering their effectiveness on the streets Randall Brown has become convinced that it is the ultimate fighting system for self defense.

Learn both the traditional application of these Indian fighting skills (a real historical treasure) and the down and dirty ways to adapt those skills to today’s violent streets.

DVD 1: Hand to Hand
DVD 2: Weapons

DVD 3: Indian Exercises

3 DVD, 223 Minutes