Illegal Boxing 2 Disc Set with Mark Hatmaker

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Cripple, Shock, And Cause Instant Blinding Pain And Nerve Damage To ANY Opponent You Use Them On! 

These are the "stealth" moves the pro's use when the ref ain?t watching... or when it's "just you and me, buddy" in the street. Dirty, filthy, uncivilized tricks that will mess him up and teach him to fear You the very instant you use them!

Want a taste of what you're about to see? Check these filthy moves out:

  • How to "soften him up" in the clutch with mini-head butts he won't see (and neither would a ref). Almost invisible illegal moves that will leave his head looking like a bruised banana. (And leave his brain ringing and slow.)
  • "Nut cracker" moves that remove his child-bearing ability... even if he's wearing a steel-lined protective cup! (Very nasty, very effective.)
  • Bust his ankle before he realizes you've moved. Soft tissue damage done with your thumbs that cause instant (and uncontrollable) panic! How the legendary bare-knuckle fighters like the great Jack Dempsey used "falling away" punches to put away larger opponents in a heartbeat.
  • Maximum pain tricks that will take his mind off you... and force him to spend ALL his energy trying to get as far away from you as possible, as fast as possible! (Up to you if you let him.)
  • "Corkscrew" elbow "insert" moves that turn missed punches into super-punishing "back slugs" that can end it right then and there. (He won't see it coming.) How to simply and easily rattle his skull so hard his brain will temporarily shut down in shock. (Great move against a larger and more cocky opponent!)
  • Illegal ground moves that will CANCEL OUT all his superior grappling skills. (No one expects these filthy moves... but you can turn around a fight in a blink with them. Necessary if you're attacked from behind, or double-teamed.)

And a ton more. "Goozle" shots that rattle his tender parts... foot stomps that will change the way he buys shoes for the rest of his life... how to "shrug" off a clinch by concentrating on illegal "soft" targets he won't expect you to go after... long-range punches that save your hand, yet deliver "axe-power" strikes... how to combine legal moves with "invisible" illegal moves to win refereed fights and more.

DVD: Illegal Boxing

CD: Illegal Boxing Audio

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Thomas Hopkins
Great info

Mark's discs are great. full of good infomation

Benjamin Gash
Real solid material

A really good disc with tons of really useful techniques. For down and dirty stuff this is the best I've seen. No fluff, no low percentage stuff, nothing complicated,just solid material.

Dustin Bunnell
Loved it!

A pretty decent video on dirty boxing! I loved it! The only dirty the fight you lost!