How to Build a Streetfighter in 40 Hours 3 DVD Set with Tom Cruse

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This 4 hour long package teaches you everything that you need to know to become proficient in all 5 areas of fighting... kicking, punching, trapping, ground fighting, and weapons. It also reveals the 10 deadly mistakes that most people make in a real-life street fight.

You will learn the 5 fastest ways to inflict excruciating pain on your opponent and 11 reasons why the "trapping" range is the most lethal of all fighting ranges.

Tom Cruse is a real-life, professional streetfighter. He grew up on the mean streets of Cleveland and used to get his kicks by beating the crap out of students from the local martial arts studios. He was fortunate to meet an elite group of streetfighter's who trained in Bruce Lee's awesome fighting system JKD.

He is known as the guy who personally trained the US Navy SEALS in hand-to-hand combat. He has over 10,000 students all over the world including law enforcement officers, high- level government agencies, security specialists, and private citizens.

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worth studying.

Absolutely great and comprehensive overview of core techniques and ideas of the PFS curriculum. Very much worth studying.

Rob C
One of THE best TRS instructionals

One of THE best TRS instructionals I've seen. Basically PFS material covering all ranges.