Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu 17 DVD Set by Tat-Mau Wong

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Tat-Mau Wong instructs this comprehensive 17 volume series on Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu.

Vol 1: Fundamentals
Vol 2: Small plum blossom and 2 man plum blossom
Vol 3: 5 animal forms and tuet jin hand form
Vol 4: Crane form
Vol 5: Cross pattern grabbing form
Vol 6: Shaolin staff, shaolin 2 man
Vol 7: Single and double end whirling staff
Vol 8: Tiger tail broadsword, horse bench
Vol 9: Pressure point fan, double edge sword
Vol 10: Spinning spear and whip chain
Vol 11: Hidden butterfly knives & spear vs. butterfly knives
Vol 12: 3 sectional staff
Vol 13: Wooden dummy
Vol 14: Self defense
Vol 15: Full contact fighting
Vol 16: History & traditions
Vol 17: ping kuen advanced form

Customer Reviews

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Mr AbuMahdi Mitchell
One of The Greatest Kung fu Grand Masters sharing his knowledge.

I appreciate GrandMaster Tat Mau Wong sharing his knowledge of a beautiful skill and display of Choy Lay Fut Kung fu.
I want to become a distant student and member of his kwoon. AbuMahdi Mitchell, 69 yrs young, living in Cincinnati Ohio. Peace to all my Brothers and Sisters seeking The Path of Purity through Kung fu🙏🤲🏾🙏

Larry Dicus
Same forms as in the Lee Koon Hung Schools

These are the same way the forms are taught and done in any Lee Koon Hung lineage school. I was a student under Mak Fai in Seattle Chinatown and these videos helped me progress faster than any other student. These are best used as a supplement to in class training.
If you try to learn just from these videos, get a buddy to learn with you so you can critique each other and apply the techniques.
These are worth the money.