Breaking the Structure – Attacks from Side Control 2 DVD Set with Bjorn Friedrich

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Breaking the Structure – Attacks from Side Control“ will teach you step by step how to break your opponents structure and take away his athletic ability using techniques like the Front Headlock, the Stockade, the 100% and many others. Once the structure is broken you will learn how to apply different Submissions like the Darce Choke, Kimura or Americana. You will also learn how to transition into other dominant positions like Back Mount or the Crucifix. The techniques Björn is showing are simple and can be used in No-Gi BJJ and even MMA. If you are looking for a way to make your side control game better and more painful for your opponent this series is for you.

Volume 1:

  1. Intro
  2. Isolating the arm
  3. Americano from Side Control
  4. Triangle Choke from Side Control
  5. Front Headlock into Darce Choke
  6. Wrist Pull Darce Choke
  7. Front headlock to Kimura
  8. Front headlock to Crucifix

Volume 2:

  • 100% Neck Crank
  • Anaconda Choke
  • 100% Back Take
  • 100% Transition into Crucifix
  • Americano to Crucifix
  • Stockade to Crucifix
  • Stockade into Neck Twister
  • Stockade to Kesa Gatame
  • Side Control to Crucifix
  • Transition to reverse Stockade
  • The“special choke“ (2 versions)

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