Brazilian Nationals Championship 2006 DVD

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The Brazilian National Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2006, or commonly know as Brasileiro 2006, one of the most exciting competition in the BJJ Calendar. In this exciting DVD fighters such as: Marcelo Garcia, Andre Galvao, Demian Maia, Jefferson Moura, Eduardo Telles, Rodrigo "Comprido" Medeiros and others together with the up and coming talents display their world class skills in this annual event.


Daniel Otero x Gabriel Moraes 

Super Feather
Sebastian Lalli x Carlos Vieira 

Jonatas Gurgel x Bruno Frazato 

Tiago Dias x Alexandre Pimentel

Marcelo Garcia x Andre Galvao 

Medium Heavy
Romulo Barral x Fabio Trindade 

Eduardo Telles x Jefferson Moura 

Super Heavy
Rodrigo Medeiros x Mauro Santos 

Super Super Heavy
Luiz Theodoro x Adriano Camolesi 

Open Class
Marcelo Garcia x Demian Maia 


Open Class
Alexandre Pimentel x Romulo Barral
Robert Fonseca x Eduardo Telles
Gustavo Gussem x Demian Maia
Roberto de Abreu x Marcelo Garcia
Ricardo Tavares x Andre Galvao
Fernando Di Piero x Eduardo Telles
Demian Maia x Romulo Barral
Andre Galvao x Eduardo Santoro
Adriano Camolesi x Marcelo Garcia
Fernando Di Piero x Demian Maia
Andre Galvao x Marcelo Garcia
Paulo Roberto x Gustavo Gussem
Adriano Camolesi x Valdenisio da Silva 

Rafael Barbosa x Tiago Alves
Alexandre Pimentel x Diego Martins 

Valdenisio da Silva x Andre Galvao
Gustavo Campos x Marcelo Garcia
Jorge Brito x Andre Galvao
Rafael Abi-Rihan x Fabio Trinidade 

Medium Heavy
Demian Maia x Romulo Barral

Rigoney Castro x Eduardo Telles
Thiago Gaia x Jefferson Moura