Arnis 3 DVD Set with Arsenio Advincula (Preowned)

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Vol 1: Arnis Single Sticks Teaches hundreds of single stick fighting techniques including: Warmups. Stances. Blocks. Strikes. Sparring. Kata.

Vol 2: Arnis Double Sticks Advanced tape shows how to work two sticks at the same time. Includes the most lethal stick fighting ever seen.

Vol 3: Arnis Sword & Dagger Warrior combat drills. Sparring. Street self defense. Kata. Learn the techniques of the Phillipine's deadliest knife fighters.

Customer Reviews

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George Flory
Excellent escrima training.

I am very please with the excrima training provided by Arcenio J. Advincula.

Bill Kneitinger
Older than most series

Outside of one of the CD's not working properly (sound/playback issues), the series while dated (due to the old video it was burned from), is what I would recommend to anyone who wants to understand what Arnis is all about. Grandmaster Advincula, a US Marine by profession also helped with the establishment of their own Martial Arts curriculum long after he retired from active duty. While also an Isshinryu practitioner, hence the use of Kendo helmet, chest protector, traditional Japanese cup, JKD gloves and baseball catcher shin guards (not a traditional piece) in his demonstration of full contact fighting before the more commonly used Arnis fighting gear became available, he sticks to the topic quite well. The man is very straight forward in his presentation and while it's not as flashy as what others have put out, it is a very sound video series and well worth the price paid.

Christopher Rasco
As his 3 DVD set

Fantastic videos, good quality and the order got here pretty fast considering all the Covid 19 nonsense going on. 5 Stars guys!