Top Game 2 DVD Set by Lucas Barbosa - Budovideos Inc
Top Game 2 DVD Set by Lucas Barbosa - Budovideos Inc

Top Game 2 DVD Set by Lucas Barbosa

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Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa has been one of the great emerging grappling talents of the last few years, with incredible performances, big wins, and plenty of hardware to show for his efforts. The Atos black belt has fought all of the best black belts in the world, and is a world champion in both gi and no gi.

Now that he has reached the pinnacle of grappling success, with gold medals at every major event, the man they call Hulk is here to show you all the techniques he has used to win at the highest levels. You’ll see every detail on all the throws, takedowns, passes, and finishes that Hulk uses against the best, in gi and no gi. Soon, you’ll be hulking out with the best of them, thanks to this brand new 2 volume set.

Lucas Barbosa has won every major tournament there is, from Worlds to Pan Ams, Euros and Brazilian Nationals, and along the way he has beaten some of the best in the world. He’s taken on and beaten the likes of Romulo Barral, Jackson Sousa, Vinny Magalhaes, Matheus Diniz, Tommy Langaker, Patrick Gaudio, and Joao Rocha, and he’s done it by relying on a simple formula: take them down, pressure and pass, and finish hard. Sounds simple, right? Not so fast! Barbosa has been busy in San Diego, perfecting his game and adding his own personal flair, adding power and leverage to the fundamentals we all use. He has a bulletproof top game, with a style that is unique to him. Now, he is sharing those secrets with you!

What makes Lucas’s game so different? To put it simply, he is able to combine and flow between his attacks effortlessly, always combining his techniques in ways that make them almost impossible to defend. One technique leads to another, which leads to another, always leaving Lucas one step ahead of the game. As he leads you through his favorite moves, Lucas will also be breaking down his strategies around every position and set up, giving you every tool you’ll need to be a top game master.