The Submission Formula 4 DVD Set with Rob Biernacki & Stephan Kesting - Budovideos Inc
The Submission Formula 4 DVD Set with Rob Biernacki & Stephan Kesting - Budovideos Inc

The Submission Formula 4 DVD Set with Rob Biernacki & Stephan Kesting

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How many times have you had a submission blast his way out of your submission, pass your guard, and then smash you on the bottom?  All your effort wasted.

There’s so more to submitting someone than simply jumping on a choke or an armlock opportunity and hoping it goes well…

If you approach a submission with that kind of do-or-die kamikaze mentality then it probably won’t work against a quality opponent.

Good people will very rarely make an ‘unforced error’ and simply give you their arm, leg or neck to attack. Instead you want to methodically control your opponent, disrupt his alignment to create openings, secure the position, and then systematically reduce his ability to resist.

Also most high level competitors won’t tap to an average submission.  Their high pain tolerances and healthy egos usually make them willing to eat a few pops to get out of a submission. So you need to be able to adjust your body and use correct biomechanics to generate maximum force to tap them out.

The good news is that there are specific steps to increase control for, and maximise power of, every submission.

No longer will you need to slam a choke or armlock onto a wildly resisting opponent hopping all over the place.  Instead you’ll be able to control the situation, prevent him from resisting effectively, and then move into finish the attack in a safe, controlled and powerful manner.

These adjustments will allow you to tap out better opponents. And they’ll also make training safer which is good for everyone!

In The Submission Formula you’ll get Rob Biernacki’s Six Step Formula for making your chokes, armlocks and leglocks much more powerful than they are now.

Making your submissions stronger is a matter of having your technical details correct, not spending more time weightlifting. Using this step-by-step formula you’ll learn how destroy your opponent’s alignment, create full tension, maximise your force production, and refine your positioning to make it impossible for your opponent to escape or even resist your attacks.

These submission multiplying strategies apply to both gi and no gi grappling.  And we get really granular, showing you exactly how to tweak all the high percentage submissions so they’ll instantly work on any opponent, no matter how big they are.

Submissions covered:

Gi and No Gi Chokes

How to make your chokes so powerful that your opponent will tap instantly or go to sleep

  • Rear Naked Choke
  • Guillotine Choke
  • Triangle Choke
  • Loop Choke
  • D’Arce Choke
  • Lapel Chokes
  • Bow and Arrow Choke
  • Arm Triangle
  • And more…


  • Straight Armbar
  • Kimura Armlock
  • Reverse Armbar
  • Omoplata Armlock
  • Biceps Slicer
  • Baratoplata
  • Wristlocks
  • And more…


  • Ankle Lock
  • Kneebar
  • Heel Hook
  • Reverse Heel Hook
  • And more…

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