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The 92 Double Sleeve Guard 2 DVD Set by Jay Wadsworth

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The 92 Double Sleeve Guard by Jay Wadsworth: The Key To Countering Pressure Passing On The Bottom.

This Gripping “Trick” Destroys Big Guys By Hitting Them Where They Are Weak.

Have you ever been smashed on the bottom? When it is a bigger guy it is even worse. Black Belt Jay Wadsworth has figured out one of the best ways to counter a guy who is smashing you. 

He takes a 2 on 1 sleeve grip and works a deadly series of attacks. His 2 on 1 is similar to a Kimura in that two of his hands are stronger than anyone’s one hand, but it is a lot easier than a Kimura to set up. He realized ed there is one truth to fighting Pressure Passing.

So What Is On This DVD?

DVD 1:
-intro to 92 double sleeve 
-fake guard pull to ankle pick 
-baseball bat snap down 
-baseball bat snap down #2 
-same side lapel ankle pick 
-cross grip knee grip sweep 
-cross grip knee grip sweep #2 
-entrance to 92 double sleeve from closed guard 
-entrance to 92 double sleeve from half guard 
-double sleeve guard study on knee shield 

 DVD 2:
-near side arm back take 
-180 back take 
-arm bar off failed 180 back take 
-triangle from opponents outside pant grip 
-triangle/arm bar + wrist lock 
-triangle from opponents inside pant grip  
-triangle/arm bar + wrist lock  
-scissor sweep to arm bar  
-scissor sweep to knee on belly 
-scissor sweep to back take  
-straight leg omoplata 
 -knee bar