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Teaching Kids Jiu Jitsu by Adam R Stacy (E-Book)

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Title: E-Book

Teaching Kids Jiu Jitsu is a full-color handbook designed to assist instructors looking to start or enhance a children’s BJJ program.

It was created to help coaches see the big picture of teaching the art to children and allow them to create an atmosphere that turns excited and happy kids into lifelong practitioners.   

It is also perfect for parents who practice jiu jitsu and would like to start familiarizing their own children with the amazing benefits of grappling-based martial arts.

It consists of 4 main sections:


This section presents the most fundamental principles required to build a solid foundation for your kids training program. It will teach you how to:

  • Formulate class objectives,
  • Structure classes
  • Determine belt requirements
  • Impart information to young practitioners
  • Inspire children
  • Ensure maximum levels of safety during classes


Technical Aspects

This section focuses on the important, fundamental skills that children who practice bjj need, and how to help them acquire them. It will show you how to:

  • Use the Priority Castle™ to choose the best techniques
  • Teach basic throws and takedowns
  • Demonstrate essential ground movements,
  • Self-defense basics
  • Important escapes and much more


Games & Drills

This section breaks down the most effective and popular games you can use in your accademy to keep things interesting for both the kids AND parents. It will help you to:

  • How to ‘gamify’ concepts and turn them into lessons
  • Use creativity to keep games dynamic and fresh
  • Incorporate everyday gym equipment into games
  • Use ladder drills effectively 


Lessons Learned

This section presents a series of lessons learned regarding the logistics and practicalities of running a kids jiu jitsu programme. It will help you to navigate:

  • Financial realities of BJJ school ownership
  • Basic marketing
  • Dealing with student behaviour issues
  • Further resources
  • And more


Get Teaching Kids Jiu JItsu today and ensure that you provide the children you teach (and their parents) the absolute best service possible!

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