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Systema Spetsnaz DVD #7 - Wrist Locks

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  • Learn vital skills of wrist and finger locks to control your opponent in close hand-to-hand combat fighting
  • Master reality-based self-defense techniques of various grab and hold releases
  • Learn effective self defense principles of balance, speed, and power levers to take down your opponent within seconds and end the fight
  • Discover powerful principles of points of support and body rotation to fight an opponent stronger than you!
  • This Martial Arts Instructional video is recommended for all martial arts styles as well as for bodyguards and private security to master essential fighting techniques for close hand to hand combat confrontations.


This Instructional Self-Defense DVD was created by Vadim Starov – a chief-instructor of Russian Systema Spetsnaz training center
(the combat of Russian Special Forces, GRU).

Recommended for both: beginners and advanced martial artists.

Language: English
Running time: 51 min
Format: NTSC, ALL region

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