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Sib Pal Ki Korean Kung Fu DVD by Choy Bok Kyu

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Sibpalki, or the 18 combat techniques, is a traditional system which is the fruit of the adaptation of Kung-Fu to the Korean military techniques in both weapons and empty hands. In this first DVD project, Master Choy Bok Kyu, one of the most outstanding practitioners of this Art, presents us, together with Master Sung Seol, European representative of this style, a complete introduction to Sibpalki. We will get to know a warm up form, basic positions, foot techniques, the Tanteis (basic forms in which one combines the use of feet and hands), traditional forms of the style, advanced weapons forms, and combat techniques in pairs. It is an excellent opportunity to learn about one of the oldest Arts of war in the world.

- Languages included in DVD: English, Español, Deutsch, Italiano, Français