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Secrets of Kukinage: Kyuzo Mifune Throwing Techniques DVD by Taigi Tajima

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Research and Practice: The Mechanism of the Legendary Judo Technique, Kukinage

Is Kukinage Truly Reproducible? Yes, the Answer Is Yes!

Explore the detailed mechanics of the legendary judo technique known as the "Kukinage (Sumi Otoshi)" pioneered by the esteemed judo master Kyuzo Mifune, 10th Dan. This groundbreaking technique was born from Mifune's ideal of "throwing an opponent without touching hands or feet, using body movement alone."

Kyuzo Mifune (1883-1965)
Respected as the "god of judo," Kyuzo Mifune was awarded the highest rank of 10th Dan and revered for his theoretical insights and practical innovations in judo.


  1. Proposed Methodology for Technique Study: Using Sumi Otoshi as an Example

    • Steps and Key Points... Understanding the mechanism achievable by anyone
      • Steps for the air throw
      • Key Point 1: Timing of lifting and floating
      • Key Point 2: Direction of body movement
      • Key Point 3: Drawing out and dropping straight down
  2. Throwing in Eight Directions

    • Kukinage straight ahead... Floating drop (front)
    • Kukinage to front corners... Spiral drop (right front) (left front)
    • Kukinage to side corners... Corner drop (right side) (left side)
    • Kukinage to rear corners... Corner drop (right rear) (left rear)
    • Kukinage to the rear... Wave drop (rear)
  3. Basic Practice: Developing Posture and Relaxation

    • Tokyo Tower Pose... Maintaining posture
    • Sumi Otoshi... Transmitting power from hands to core
    • Front push... Leaning against the wall
    • Virtue of humility... Communicating weight shift to opponent
    • Throwing practice... Applying to a stationary opponent
  4. Practical Application: Applying Throws in Motion

    • Applying throws using opponent's movement (floating drop, spiral drop, corner drop)
    • Applying to opponents in defensive stance (spiral drop)
    • Countering and applying against incoming opponents (wave drop)
    • Quick application against small movements (corner drop)
    • Applying to opponents in motion (free direction)
  5. Advanced Application: Applying to Other Judo Techniques

    • Transitioning from floating drop to shoulder drop
    • Transitioning from spiral drop to foot sweep
    • Transitioning from corner drop (right side) to body drop
    • Transitioning from corner drop (right rear) to major outer reap
    • Transitioning from wave drop to inner reap
  6. Special Feature: Advanced Applications of Air Throw

    • Combining with stepping in after engagement (Tsukami Nage)
    • Applying while opponent tries to escape (Tsukami Nage application 1)
    • Applying while opponent pushes back (Tsukami Nage application 2)

Taisho Tajima (田島 大義)
A specialist in Kukinage research, Tajima ventured into the martial arts world in 2007 through "Kenno Yoshinori Body Control Techniques" (Uplink), and has since dedicated himself to exploring the intrigue and fascination of the human body. He is also a first-degree black belt in Kodokan Judo.

Language: Japanese

Length: 47 min.