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Police Grappling & Equipment Techniques DVD with Daniel Garcia

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In the same way that judo, and today BJJ or grappling has been adapted as a method of training for Special Forces of different countries, all of these systems based on throws, controls, holds and submissions, besides proving their efficiency offer us the possibility to stick to legal procedures and avoid injuries to the victims. This second work by professionals Daniel and Eduardo Garcia is centered on police grappling techniques and tactics against undetermined and random attacks. Under their guide we will analyze the technical and tactical police grappling combined with the use of fire weapons, rods, kubotan and handcuffs as an element to reduce the aggressor, recovery from falls or from the ground and from standing positions to the ground, depending on the situation and the ability of adaptation. We will explain in detail the foundations of this system, it's uniformity and ending with the suspect handcuffed. A unique work in police intervention systems.

- Languages included in DVD: English, Español, Français