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Pekiti Tirsia Kali - Balintawak - NSI 3 DVD Set by Belton Lubas

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Belton Lubas is Head Strength Coach and Founder for Warrior Strength Training, Warrior Strength Martial Arts, Warrior Strength Muay Thai, and Warrior Strength Filipino Martial Arts.

For Martial Arts:
-Masters Hall of Fame 2019 for Filipino Martial Arts
-Muay Thai Kru Yai under Ajahn Suchart Siam No.1 
-Kru with Muay Thai Naikhanomtom Association Sports Authority of Thailand 
-Founder of Warrior Strength Muay Thai
-NSI (Natural Spirit International) Black Belt and Senior Instructor
-Renegade JKD Black Belt and Senior Instructor 
-Worden Defense System Black Belt, and West Coast Training Training Director for NSI
-Balintawak Guro Full Qualified Instructor Level 7 under GM Bobby Taboada 
-Tuhon In Pekiti Tirsia Kali and a Direct student under Grand Tuhon Leo Gaje II
-Piper Knife Instructor 
-Guro Modern Cimande
-Combatives Instructor
-Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Coach.

Tuhon or Guro Belton is a Lifelong Martial Artist who exemplifies a martial Artist who truly embraces being a master of his craft and yet opening his mind and heart to that of a student who is always learning. His passion for what he does is evident in his students and instructors who represent him, the arts, and the Grandmasters who have entrusted him with the arts. You not only have a Traditional Martial Artist who embraces the old ways and respects the arts; you also have a progressive thinker and renaissance man who is constantly researching and growing in the arts. It’s because of the combination of these that you have an instructor of this quality in Tuhon/Guro Belton.

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Dean Truant
Belton's Intro. Series

Good intro series for PTK, and Balintawak. It relies on the viewer understanding the strike set numbering, and he rocks pretty fast through some of the techs. It could have been a more helpful to slow it down, and review the footwork integration. In my humble opinion, a lot of stick jockeys get focused on the hands and forget the feet. His footwork was fine, but probably could have been stressed more. Final assessment...Definite Buy..