Mastering the Half Guard 4 DVD Set by Lucas Valle - Budovideos Inc
Mastering the Half Guard 4 DVD Set by Lucas Valle - Budovideos Inc

Mastering the Half Guard 4 DVD Set by Lucas Valle

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Improve Your Half Guard Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible With Wizard Lucas Valle

Jump into the next generation of half guard with Lucas Valle, one of the best young half guard players in the world. Take some of the strongest attacks and positions in BJJ and upgrade now with Lucas’s innovations and combinations, all from one of jiu-jitsu’s most effective guards.

Be on the cutting edge of half guard technique and give your BJJ the jump start it needs to break through to the next level, as Lucas shows his best stuff over 4-volumes, including every trick and detail you can use in the gym and in competition.

Half guard has evolved into one of the best positions in BJJ, especially with masters competitors. Now, instead of relying on the same few attacks that everyone knows and sees coming, turn your half guard into a modern masterpiece with Lucas’s help.

Coming from one of the best half guard gyms in the world, he was brought up on the mat learning all the inside secrets from the masters and using them to craft a guard that is as tricky as it is effective. From the knee shield, deep half, and even when his opponent is passing and pressuring, Lucas knows how to sweep and submit without ever leaving the half guard. Now you can learn from one of the best active black belts, as he explains how he has been racking up.

Lucas Valle shows a full, comprehensive half guard game that anyone can use to start winning against bigger, stronger opponents, and even higher belts. He explains the different kinds of half guard that he uses, and how they all combine together to create a solution for any problem.

With influences from the best half guard players that came before him, Lucas has found new and effective ways to move using lapels, underhooks, butterfly hooks, and more, really opening up what is possible in the half guard and showing technique you won’t find anywhere else.

Learn how you can combine half guards for the most effect. Fight and win from the knee shield, the deep half guard, the underhook half guard, and more, each one built out with options and counters that will keep you a step ahead on the mat.

Half guard gives you chances to rest and make your opponent work, so knowing how to move from strong position to strong position where you can catch your breath before sweeping and submitting is key. You will learn across these 4 volumes exactly how to do that, by combining these guards together into one dynamic system.