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Jun Fan Gung Fu DVD with David Delannoy

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David Delannoy presents in his first work the keys of the style that Bruce Lee and his pupil Dan Inosanto programmed about their understanding of combat. The basics of Jun Fan Gung Fu will allow you to start with simple techniques in the form of essential series, so you can later express yourself through your own Jeet Kune Do, according to your abilities, desires, researches and feelings. Sifu Delannoy explains in detail the Guard, Footwork, SDA (Single Direct Attack), ABC (Attack By Combination), the Loy Da Series, the Ping Chuie Pak Sao Qua Chuie Series, Cons versus Jab-Hook & Jab-Cross, and the Jun Fan Trapping. In the second part, Delannoy presents his expression and the result of his real research, focusing on self-defense and, especially, on the "Pinching". You will also see the relevance that has the fact of misaligning - as boxers do - in the field of personal defense. Finally, and on the basis of feet-fists boxing exercises, applications of the Jun Fan Gung Fu defending techniques seen at the beginning of the DVD are shown.

51 min.

- Languages included in DVD: English, Español, Italiano, Français