Everyday Porrada Spider Guard 4 DVD Set by Romulo Barral - Budovideos Inc
Everyday Porrada Spider Guard 4 DVD Set by Romulo Barral - Budovideos Inc

Everyday Porrada Spider Guard 4 DVD Set by Romulo Barral

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The Spider Guard is one of the most under utilized guards by guys over 30, but it shouldn’t be… It should actually be your main guard.  Romulo is here to give you a road map to developing a nearly impassable guard.


The ten-time IBJJF and ADCC world champion and the head of the everyday porrada movement Romulo Barral is here to show the guard that he used to dominate at the black belt level for years with this 4 volume spider guard series.


Porrada is that tough training, where you are pushing your limits and really struggling to improve, and when you want success like Romulo has had, then you live the porrada lifestyle everyday.


So after many years on the mat where he has had to build up his guard to handle anything and everything, he has found a system around the spider guard that he can use against anyone. It’s easy to hear “everyday porrada” and think it’s all just hard work and fitness, but to fight hard like that, you need the best technique to stay healthy and on the mat. Now, for the first time, this Gracie Barra legend is explaining in great detail the sweeps, submissions, and recoveries that he has been perfecting.


Romulo was first introduced to the spider guard by his first instructors, back when it was just a simple collar and sleeve spider guard sweep. The problem back then was, if the opponent didn’t fall into the trap, he was stuck! So he found another move that worked, and then more, he began adding submissions, and over time he has an innovative plan from his back.


Across these 4 sets, Romulo goes deep into the concepts and fundamentals that have made his guard a nightmare to pass for many years, and then his strategy around attacking his opponent’s base and using his weight against him for his own sweeps and submissions.


Romulo has stepped out to fight the best in the world, including legends like Demian Maia, Roger Gracie, Leandro Lo, Andre Galvao, and more, and every time he has been attacking from his spider guard and defending their passes.


The spider guard is one of the best positions for keeping pressure off of you and controlling someone’s weight, because anytime the top fighter gets a good angle or pressure you can use the space and leverage of your hooks to move back to position.


Across the first 2 volumes, Romulo goes deep into the concepts around guard retention and recovery using the spider hooks, in ways that he has been using against some of the best passers in the world for years. He has defenses for all the most common passes, giving you a road map out of danger the next time your guard is being threatened.