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Cane Master DVD with Mark Shuey

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The Great Master Mark Shuey Sr. , founder of the Cane Masters, black belt in Taekwondo, Hapkido, and Tang Soo Do, and holder of 18 national and world titles in the Master Weapons categories, presents to us in this DVD his expertise with the cane, considered by many to be the weapon of the new millennium. "It is the most practical weapon that a martial artist or anyone else can learn to use," says Shuey. "What other defense implement can you take onto a plane or into a casino?" In this premier project of Master Shuey, he will show us his efficient teaching method: the exercises, blocking and striking techniques, katas and self-defense techniques, and in this way demonstrating how devastating and practical this simple and legal self-defense implement can be.

- Languages included: English, Español, Deutsch, Italiano, Français

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edward walsh
I need your feedback

I received a DVD that I cannot open. I have been trying to communicate with
Budovideos to return faulty DVD and return my money or replace the DVD.
Since I have heard nothing I put a hold on payment. Please advise.

Frank Plunk
Cane Training Video

Just what I hoped for. I’m now involved in Mark’s exercise routines and in learning his defense techniques, as well as developing my own as encouraged by Mark.

John Pezzino
Its great to do business with professionals

The information on the DVD is outstanding. There is so much information on the subject of cane fighting that totally surprised me and kept my interest till the end and I wanted more. Im very happy with the entire process from ordering the DVD to its arrival and packaging to the information on the subject of cane fighting. The instructor is very good at demonstrating the technique and explaining the moves . One of the best I've seen.