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Best Karate Kumite DVD by George Bierman

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"Best Karate Kumite". George Bierman Generally speaking, if you ask someone, "why are you in Martial Arts", they will tell you it's because they want to learn how to fight. You usually never hear them say that they wanted to learn kata, weapons or wazas. I guess all of us have a little of that "I want to be a tough guy" or you could be motivated by a real need to protect yourself. Whatever the reason, in this DVD I discuss Basic and Advanced kumite techniques and concepts that all of us should know, whether you are an advanced student or just beginning, and some things that have worked for me over and over. Some can be used on the street but I'm mainly focusing on tournament techniques. I can tell you over and over to keep your hands up to protect your face. Some of you may do it and some may not. Once you get hit in the face several times by not doing it, you will. I began my Martial Arts training in 1973 and this is a collection of proven techniques and strategies that have worked well for me in competition to present day. I have combined strategies, footwork, techniques and combinations that lead me to well over 2000 tournament wins and a World Champion fighter in St. Petersburg, Russia. They work!

- Languages included in DVD: English, Español, Italiano, Français