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Beautiful & Amazing Aikido Vol 2 DVD by Ryuji Shirakawa

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For those aspiring to master the graceful and powerful movements of martial arts.

This second volume in the acclaimed Aikido DVD series by Ryuji Shirakawa, known for his dynamic and elegant techniques, focuses on the application of "Breath Power" to create smooth, flexible movements and effective techniques.

Shirakawa, a highly respected Aikido instructor, shares his advanced techniques and variations, emphasizing the importance of soft and supple body movements. This volume covers a wide range of breath throw techniques, as well as flexibility exercises and the integration of sword and staff training closely related to Aikido.


Breath Throw Techniques ①: Absorption, Speed, and Rotational Power

  • Shomen-uchi Breath Throw (Shomen-uchi Ikyo-gaeshi): Absorbing the opponent's technique
    • Techniques: Dynamic, non-pushing variations, various adaptations
  • Variations from Shiho-nage: Increasing speed and rotational power
    • Techniques: Dodging Yokomen-uchi, using atemi, and more
  • Tsuki Breath Throw: Using soft shoulders
    • Techniques: Underhand entry, various applications, enhancing rotational power, continuous practice
    • Focus: Stable center axis and lower body, flexibility

Breath Throw Techniques ②: Using Jo Movements

  • Upper Breath Throw (Jo, Taijutsu): Transitions into hip throws, dynamic applications
  • Lower Breath Throw (Jo, Taijutsu): Dynamic applications
  • Twisting Breath Throw (Jo, Taijutsu): Direct twisting, sweeping techniques, variations into other techniques

Open Body Breath Throw: Strengthening the core power

  • Techniques: Non-twisting, strong core power, continuous practice, diverse breath throws

Arm Entanglement Throw

  • Basic Form: Shomen-uchi arm entanglement, Tsuki arm entanglement
    • Techniques: Linear, circular movements
  • Variation Techniques: From kote-gaeshi, arm locks, levering back throws, sacrifice techniques, escapes from rear grabs

Rear Grab Breath Throw

  • Rear Double Hand Grab Breath Throw: Basic form, application techniques
    • Techniques: Rear shoulder grab, sinking techniques, shoulder release, full body stretching
  • Rear Single Hand Neck Choke: Basic form, using relaxation and focused power, transitions into hip throws

Developing a Supple and Strong Body

  • Flexibility Exercises
    • Makko-ho: Sitting like a baby, forward bends, splits, supine splits
    • Continuous Movements for Flexibility
  • Supplementary Exercises
    • Techniques: Standing forward bends, Y-balance, shoulder rolls, sumo stomps, back bridges, relaxed hip lifts, backward bends, shoulder rolls

Sword and Staff Training: Developing Soft Shoulders and a Stable Center

  • Sword Principles Examples: From Nikyo-ura, Shiho-nage, various body techniques using a sword
    • Sword Swinging Techniques: Basics, counter-cutting, four-direction cuts
  • Staff Forms
    • Techniques: 13 Jo Kata, 31 Jo Kata, 22 Jo Kata
  • Staff Swinging Techniques: Symmetrical movements, loosening shoulder blades, wrists, elbows, continuous swings, counter swings, thrusts, four-direction thrusts

Comprehensive Demonstration

  • Techniques: Free techniques with thrusts, double hand grabs, rear double hand grabs, staff handling and body techniques
  • Training Principles: Interview with Ryuji Shirakawa

Instructor & Supervisor: Ryuji Shirakawa (6th Dan Aikikai)
In 2013, Shirakawa represented Japan in the Aikido division of the World Martial Arts Festival, captivating many enthusiasts with his elegant techniques. He currently leads a dojo in the Tohoku region and spends a quarter of the year teaching internationally, invited by over 10 countries annually.


Length: 71 min.

Language: Japanese


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