Real World Combat 5 Disc Set with Glen Boodry

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This is the first time that anyone outside the top secret U.S. Spec Op fighting units overseas has ever been able to know these "short-cut" fighting secrets even exist! If you act fast, you can see them for yourself, taught personally by the ONE man who developed this system and perfected it in real blood and real combat.

This is a martial art DREAM — simple PURE fighting skills that let you dominate anyone of any size or experience, even when you're surprised
and facing multiple attackers… and all you have to do is
WATCH the training to "get" it down!

Right now, in the bloodiest parts of Iraq and Afghanistan, the best soldiers and special operatives we have are using THIS EXACT fighting system EVERY DEADLY DAY.

They use it because:

1. It works like crazy -- to dominate multiple attackers, control ANY attacker instantly, and open up "permanent" elimination of the threat whenever you choose…
2. It is so simple to learn and master, that soldiers can just watch the training in the afternoon… and USE it to save their lives that evening. There are only a FEW core moves, and they are all natural, instinctive, and based on the "gross motor skills" of your reflexes. (That means there are absolutely ZERO "fancy" moves, or anything you must practice at to get good. You learn these few easy moves, and BAM! You are instantly PURE BAD ASS.)
3. Plus… once you use this new system in combat, there is NO DEFENSE another man can use, hand-to-hand, to counter you. It's that effective.

That's why the elite forces now battling Iraqi insurgents and Afghan warlords DEPEND on this super-secret system.

As you should know, our guys are desperately OUTNUMBERED every time they leave the compounds… and yet they MUST go out every day into hostile crowds.

So when they say this system is what they RELY on… you can bet your life it's the REAL THING.

DVD 1: Tactics & Principles
DVD 2: Standup Techniques
DVD 3: Clinching, Takedowns, & Ground Fighting
DVD 4: Edged Weapons Systems

4 DVD 1 Audio, 267 Minutes