Knee on Belly 2 DVD Set by Lucas Lepri

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Following his wildly successful guard passing instructional, Lucas Lepri is back to show you how to connect the dots from passing your opponent to submitting your opponent. As a complement to Championship Guard Passing, KNEE ON BELLY, Lucas masterfully walks you through his favorite setups and strategies from this highly versatile and devastating position.



  1. KOB Concepts
  2. Triangle
  3. Mounted Triangle w/ Armbar
  4. Forcing The Triangle
  5. Step Over Choke
  6. North South Collar Choke
  7. Baseball Bat Choke
  8. Step Over Choke 2
  9. Cross Choke w/ Lapel
  10. North South Choke w/ Lapel
  11. Lapel Choke vs North-South Escape
  12. Backtake
  13. Backtake Vs Turtling


  1. KOB Strategies: Step Over Triangle/Armbar
  2. KOB Strategies: Back Take
  3. KOB Strategies: Step Over Armlock
  4. KOB Strategies: Wrist Lock
  5. KOB Strategies: Wrist Lock / Ezekiel Choke
  6. KOB Strategies: Wrist Lock / Flavio Canto Choke
  7. Lapel Control KOB: Triangle
  8. Lapel Control KOB: Cross Choke
  9. Lapel Control KOB: Double Lapel Choke
  10. Lapel Control KOB: Reverse Arm Bar
  11. Lapel Control KOB: Kimura/Arm Bar
  12. Lapel Control KOB: Cross Choke 2
  13. Lapel Control KOB: Arm Triangle
  14. Lapel Control KOB: Arm Triangle 2
  15. Lapel Control KOB: One Handed Choke
  16. Lapel Control KOB: Ezekiel Choke
  17. Lapel Control KOB: Arm Bar

Customer Reviews

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In-depth Look at the Knee-on-belly

I really liked this DVD. Lucas spends the beginning of the video explaining why he likes the knee-on-belly position, the grips he likes to have, and how he angles his knee on the KoB position to pin the hips.

He shows a lot of attacks from this position, and a few of them are bound to appeal to you.

Lucas' instruction is simple, clear and lucid.

A must have for people that use knee on belly often

This is a very in depth look into the KoB game Lepri. Instead of just showing moves, this instructional more or less focuses on controlling the opponent and forcing them into mistakes. The first half of the set is more submissions from KoB, while the second half deals with the most likely scenarios and counters to KoB that you will see. The strategies section almost make this set worth it. If you don't find yourself in this position often you could still benefit from the set and add to your game. If your game consists of a lot of KoB then get it!!!!!