Bujinkan Mastery Series: Tsurugi DVD with Jeffrey Prather.

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Bujinkan Mastery Series: Tsurugi DVD with Jeffrey Prather

Jeffrey Prather has trained for over 40 years in Japanese martial arts and is one of the very few 15th degree black belt Shihan (master teacher) in the world. He is also one of only two 10th degree black belts in Shinkengata (real combat). He is licensed by Dr Masaaki Hatsumi, Bujinkan Grandmaster, and has been his personal student since 1984. The Yamaneko Dojo is an official brand of Hatsumi's dojo in Japan. Shihan Prather is the only double recipient of Hatsumi Soke's Gold Medal. He has hosted two taikais (1995 and 1999), and has twice been inducted into the US Martial Artist Hall of Fame. He has also written for publications such as Black Belt Magazine.