Tai Chi Fit Over 60: Healthy Joints DVD with David-Dorian Ross

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We get best at what we practice most. If you want to live longer and feel younger, then you have to develop the habits of those who enjoy improved longevity and vitality. This describes the TaijiFit lifestyle, and developing these healthier habits is easier than you might think: just follow along with this video a few times a week!

David-Dorian Ross guides you through an easy workout to help keep your body in great working order and minimize wear and tear with helpful hints for safe practice. This routine offers a challenging workout to keep you strong and flexible heading into our mature years. We have to use it or lose it.

However, these simple tai chi movements are gentle enough that anyone can follow along, even if you haven’t exercised in years. The best news is that there is nothing to “learn” in this program. You won’t have to memorize a complicated routine or perfect any movements. Just smile, relax, and enjoy this life-extending workout.

45 min.

Customer Reviews

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Joy Healey
The best

I have searched DVDs for Tai Chi and this one is the very best. Easy to follow and not difficult for over 60's. Great instructor. I love his sense of humor.