Tai Chi Fit Over 60: Gentle Exercises for Beginners DVD with David-Dorian Ross

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According to experts, including Harvard Medical School, one of the most effective and comprehensive forms of exercise is the ancient Chinese art of tai chi. But how do you begin? What are the moves and exercises you need to know when you are a beginner? And is it important to get all the moves right to avoid injury and receive the benefits? David-Dorian Ross answers these questions and more with this simple TaijiFit routine.

Many people believe tai chi is difficult to learn. In reality, a main point of tai chi is to discover how effortless your movements can be. With tai chi, the less effort you apply, the more benefits you’ll receive—quite a bit different from the fitness philosophy of “no pain, no gain.” Ancient Chinese medicine says that when you exert yourself too much, you build up physical tension and mental anxiety. These create a blockage to the circulation of your life energy, known as qi, which is responsible for your health and well-being.

There is nothing to “learn” in this program. You won’t have to memorize a complicated routine or perfect any movements. Just smile, relax, and enjoy this simple tai chi workout.

45 min.

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Great Tai Chi videos

great presentation of simple but effective tai chi 30 minute routine for seniors. Just what I was looking for.