SOG Close Combat Vol 6 DVD by Olivier Pierfederici

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Pure SOG Close Combat techniques, performed by Master Olivier Pierfederici. In this 6th volume, Olivier Pierfederici realizes a realization of the Close-Combat adapted to the civil context, emphasizing in the fact that the learning must be fast but "healthy", so that the student does not have problems in the short term. The fact of teaching too many techniques is obsolete nowadays, since the secret of effectiveness lies not in the amount of techniques, but on the contrary in the "few" true techniques that you know and that you are able to apply under stress at any time and in front of anyone. This is the leitmotiv of true Close-Combat, simple, fast, extremely effective and violent in action. Techniques more offensive than defensive because let's not forget that the Close-Combat and the Malay Silat are the roots of the SOG Close-Combat system. Honest practitioners, teachers or simple students will find interesting concepts and above all quickly applicable. Do not forget that the time factor is fundamental and that when you acquire the responsibility to teach, you have to do it in a healthy way, thinking first of the student and then of yourself. 

Languages included in DVD: English, Spanish, Deutsch, Italiano, Français