SOG Close Combat DAS Techniques DVD by Olivier Pierfederici

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Olivier Pierfederici, army advisor, presents the S.O.G. techniques used by the Detachment of the Belgian Army Security Agents (D.A.S.), A system more offensive than defensive based on the concepts of military Close Combat developed during World War II.

This videos will follow:

  • the three combat distances and their variations
  • ground techniques
  • attacks from behind in empty hands, rope, stick, and knife,
  • the techniques against grips and the most efficient controls.
Next, this DVD will cover an essential part in the military field, and in self-defense, weapons, and more concretely, the knife. Analyzing the most common errors, then moving on to defense against pistols, the use of  bradawl, and the mini-tonfa. Simple, efficient, and lethal, for some techniques that can be applied by everyone without needing to belong to any special Security Force.


Language: English, Spanish, Italian, French