Piercing the Shield by Brent Littell (On Demand)

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I have a question for you: where is most of your time spent on top?

Well, if you are like most people, then your answer is “trying to pass open guard”. But if you are a little more discerning than other practitioners, then your answer is “fighting the knee shields”. Yes, we spend more time fighting knee shields than we do in almost all other top positions combined, but, we have so little information on how to do this.

In this instructional, I will help you master passing the knee shields. I will show you the way to identify the three different types of knee shields, how to use the right pass for the corresponding knee shield, and how to dominate the top position once you pierce through their knee shield.

Don’t continue to waste half of your rolling sessions in a position you know almost nothing about. Buy this instructional today and cut through guards like a hot knife through butter.

About the instructor:

Brent Littell has the unique distinction of being one of only people in the world to have black belts in both gi and no gi jiu jitsu. He was the sixth person ever to receive his black belt in no gi bjj from Eddie Bravo, and he was the first person ever to receive his black belt in gi from Gracie Barra after holding rank as a black belt in no gi. Brent has extensive instructing experience and has taught in some of the most hallowed bjj institutions in the world. He was Tenth Planet’s first ever fundamentals instructor at their headquarters in Hollywood, California, and presently is an instructor at the headquarters for Gracie Barra, the largest and most successful bjj team ever. His knowledge of both gi and no gi jiu jitsu, as well as his amazing teaching style, makes him one of the most sought out bjj teachers around. He has worked with everyone from beginners in the sport to UFC fighters to world champions. His teaching style makes complex concepts accessible to all. This is a great opportunity to learn from one of the best.

Chapters included:

1. Intro
2. What is Headquarters
3. Getting to Headquarters
4. Shotgun Pass
5. Smash Pass
6. Knee Slice
7. X Pass
8. Intro to Z Guard
9. Standard Z Pass
10. Cartwheel Pass
11. Front Side Rope
12. Back Side Rope
13. Intro to Classic
14. Classic Flyover
15. Sprawl Pass
16. Knee up the Middle
17. Outro

Languages: English 

Customer Reviews

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Aaron H.
Clear & thorough for passing knee shield.

This video goes through variations of knee shield and appropriate techniques for passing them effectively. There’s excellent use of multiple angles to see each pass, and the pace of instruction is not rushed. All of the techniques demonstrated are suitable for any belt level. There is an excellent “outro” at the end which summarizes nicely to help everything sink in well. Given the common use of knee shield from guard players this is an essential dvd in anyone’s library.