Nishio Sensei Aikido Notebook Vol 1 Taijutsu by Stephi Varjan

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This book is a compilation of the written notes and drawings made by Varjan Sensei in her many years of study under Nishio Sensei. Included are notes from regular classes and seminar instruction. This volume covers taijutsu techniques. See Volume 2 for similar notes relating to the buki-waza techniques of Nishio Sensei.

Language: English

Length: 407 pages

Customer Reviews

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Steven Brown

Great manual by Varjan Sensei, who is a direct student of Nishio Sensei.

Mike T
Best guide for learning and teaching Nishio Ryu

Nishio Sensei’s practical approach to training in seminars captured by Varjan Sensei in concise lessons set up for study. This book lets you learn from the seminars that are no longer possible from someone who mastered them. Set up in a way that lets you refer to the kata and lessons like a manual, Nishio Ryu lessons are laid out in detail with the learning Akidoist in mind. Well worth it!