ZST: The Battlefield DVD

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This DVD contains all of the best matches of the relatively new Japanese MMA organization ZST. 30 matches from 11/2002 to 1/2004 are included.<

ZST 2002.11.23
Hideo Tokoro VS Atsuhiro Tsuboi
Takumi Yano & Masakazu Imanari VS Legius Morkapuchus & Mindaugas Sutankos
Naoyuki Kotani VS Miindaugas Rolnatis

ZST2 2003.3.9
Takumi Yano VS Shigeyuki Umeki
Legius Morkapuchus VS Atsuhiro Tsuboi
Naoyuki Kotani VS Antowanu sukinaa

ZST3 2003.6.1
Takumi Yano & Shigeyuki Umeki & KenZ Daikanyama VS Masaru Gokita & Goro Kobayashi & Hiroharu Matsuhuji
Hideo Tokoro VS Legius Morkapuchus
Naoyuki Kotani & Hiroki Kotani VS Rich Clemente & Jef Curren
Masakazu Imanari VS Danny Batten

ZST4 2003.9.7
Hideo Tokoro VS Taiyo Nakahara
Legius Morkapuchus VS Atsuhiro Tsuboi
Naoyuki Kotani VS Mindaugas Smirunovas

Legius Morkapuchus VS Meno dicstora
Rich Kuremente VS Aroijio paros
Takumi Yano VS igole isaikin
Takumi VS Markas Aureriro
Taisho VS Jason Maxwell
Masakazu Imanari VS Jorge Gurgel
Hideo Tokoro VS Oishi ?Jackal? Masahiro
Naoyuki Kotani VS Mindaugas Smirunovas

Final Stage 2004.1.11
Naoyuki Kotani VS Rich Kuremente
Hideo Tokoro VS Taisho
Takumi Yano VS Legius Morkapuchus
Masakazu Imanari VS Markas Aureriro
Rich Kuremente VS Taisho
Legius Morkapuchus VS Markas Aureriro
Rich Kuremente VS Markas Aureriro

2003.6.1 ZTS3
Hideki Asaoka VS Naoto Sato

2003.9.7 ZST4
Yusaku Hanakuma VS Toshiyuki Komatsu

Language: Japanese

Length: 223 min.