Wing Tsun Anti Grappling & Chi Gerk DVD with Victor Gutierrez

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In this new and spectacular DVD, Sifu Victor Gutierrez deals with Anti-grappling techniques and Advanced Wing Tsun Chi Gerk Anti-grappling. How do you react facing a grappler who knows how to apply softness, sticking to us and looking for holes and excesses of pressure? For that, we have to apply a more advanced level of Chi Sao, that corresponding especially to the third form (Biu Tzi), the wooden dummy, and add it to Chi Gerk. We will look into the principles of neutralizing the attempts to control our guard, power, how to take advantage of the falling step and Kau Sao, the use of elbows and knees, how to train without arms, Chi Gerk (the art of sticky legs), long distance, take-down distance, hand to hand, hold distance and ground fighting. This is a DVD in which you will discover the secrets of defending yourself from grapplers through the most advanced and efficient Wing Tsun techniques -

Languages included: English, Español, Deutsch, Italiano, Français