What is Karate Book by Mas Oyama (Preowned)

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Rare out of print book by Mas Oyama - founder of Kyokushin Karate.


A powerful fist is developed in this way

History and the present position of Karate

Karate & moral culture

The procedures within the training hall

Part of hand and foot to be used

How to protect oneself

How to use hand

How to use feet

Fundamental standing

Color pictures 

Fundamental forms

Method of attacking

Pinan 1

Pinan 2

Pinan 3


Ippon Kumide 1

Ippon Kumide 2

Ippon Henka Kumide

Gyaku Kumide


The method of training



Karate against a knife

Karate against a pistol

The art of self defense for women

The art of self defense with parasol

A fighting bull eaten by promoters

30,000 mile travel over America

My album