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Weng Chun Kung Fu Fa Kuen DVD by Andreas Hoffman

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The Fa Kuen method was developed in the famous Southern Shaolin Temple, with time it spread until it reached Dai Duk Lan, where young student Andreas Hoffmann promised his great Master Wai Yan to spread Wing Chun. One of the most important parts of this method is the Fa Kuen, it lets you develop the power of the tornado through the Circle Principle. Our body´s structure is joint based etc and it really only permits circular movements, and Fa Kuen recognizes that the straight method is not the shortest, but rather the circular, that let´s us reach the highest potential. In this work Master Hoffmann reveals the five bridges of Fa Kuen, also known as the heart of the Fa Kuen form and that it can be executed through punches, elbows, kicks et… When you combine these concepts you develop a spiral of hits that will destroy your enemies resistance and throw him out of balance. The DVD shows also the complete Fa Kuen form in ten sets and their applications. A style that has made Wing Chun fighters famous around the world in the free fights arenas and Sanda due to their unorthodox methods of the Fa Kuen punching style.

Language: English, Spanish, Italian, French