Tolete Canario Traditional & Police Weapon DVD with Jorge Dominguez Naranjo

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The combat techniques with the tolete (a kind of short staff), almost disappeared for the prohibition of its use, were taken to Cuba by the Canarian emigrants who showed great skill in disarming the Indian "macheteros" in their frequent confrontations. After a lot of research and rescue work, this disconcerting staff has been adapted to the present day police needs, demonstrating its enormous efficiency and operational capacities. From the hand of the Masters Dominguez and Socorro, we will study the techniques facing diverse Dangerous Operative Situations against one or multiple aggressors, armed or not, combining blocks, feints, characteristic strikes, leverage holds, dislocations, throws and detentions. It is an excellent rapprochement of an insurmountable instrument of combat against all kinds of aggressions.

- Languages included in DVD: English, Español, Deutsch, Italiano, Français