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The Sambo Encyclopedia Book by Steve Scott

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A fast and powerful style that excels in throwing and ground fighting

Sambo is considered one of the most effective, technically diverse, and dynamic modern sport fighting styles ever devised. Developed in the Soviet Union and based on Kodokan Judo and wrestling, sambo emphasizes utility over aesthetics. The end result is a fast paced and powerful system that excels in both throwing and ground fighting.

This book offers a serious, technical look at the Russian martial sport that has changed the way the martial arts world looks at grappling. Our emphasis will be a systematic approach, presenting skills based on their function and utility in actual sport fighting.

Sambo places emphasis on fast-paced, powerful and functional throwing techniques, and equally fast-paced, powerful and functional ground fighting techniques. Using fundamentally sound skills performed by a motivated and well-conditioned athlete, who has molded what he knows to work for him with a high ratio of success, is hard to beat.

Contents include

  • The essentials of sambo
  • Throwing techniques
  • Leg, ankle, and hip locks
  • Armlocks
  • Holds and breakdowns
  • Over 1200 instructional photographs

“The skills presented in this book have all passed the tests of time and competition. Everything presented has been used successfully at all levels of competitive sambo.”

—Steve Scott

    About the Author

    Steve Scott is a professional judo, sambo and jujitsu coach residing in Kansas City, MO. He holds 8th dan rank in judo and 7th dan rank in shingitai jujitsu. Starting his judo career in 1965 and his sambo career in 1976, He has been active at all levels of competition, coaching and administration in different grappling sports. He has coached four World Sambo Champions, a member of an Olympic Judo Team, and hundreds of medal winners in national and international competitions in judo, sambo, sport jujitsu and submission grappling. He founded the Welcome Mat Judo Club in 1969 where thousands of people have trained in a variety of martial arts.

    Steve is the innovator of the Freestyle Judo contest rules used by AAU Judo as well as the innovator in women’s sambo in the U.S., having hosted the first women’s U.S. National Sambo Championships in 1980. He was responsible for the AAU granting recognition to the sport of judo in 1994 after a hiatus of many years.

    328 pages

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