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The Gripfighting & Kuzushi Formula 4 DVD Set with Rob Biernacki and Stephan Kesting

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The Gripfighting and Kuzushi Formula covers two of the most important (but least taught) aspects of jiu-jitsu…

  1. Gripfighting, which determines who can be on offense in the guard, and
  2. Kuzushi, without which your guard attacks just won’t be effective.

The step-by-step systems covered in this instructional will skyrocket your ability to sweep and submit people from the guard!

Gripfighting is the Cheatcode for Dominating the Guard

There’s just no other skill that gives you as much bang for your buck in jiu-jitsu as gripfighing. This is something that everyone at the elite level does, but the skill itself is rarely taught in jiu-jitsu class.

Once you get a dominant grip from your guard the advantage is yours.  Now you can start off balancing your opponent and setting up your own sweeps, transitions and backtakes.

Gripfighting is also the secret to dominating bigger guys. After all, some dude may be able to bench 300 lbs but if he can’t get a good grip on you with his hands then he won’t be able to use all that strength to manhandle you.

Finally gripfighting is an almost perfect way to prevent guard passes because if you get dominant grips then you control the match and can shut down almost all of the other guy’s offense.

In The Gripfighting and Kuzushi Formula you’ll learn step-by-step gripping strategies to break your opponent’s grips and get dominant grips of your own.  These are proven sequences and strategies to control your opponent, set up your offence, and win the guard battle in both gi and no gi.

Kuzushi is the Key to World Class Sweeps and Submissions from the Guard

Kuzushi from the guard is the art of destroying someone’s alignment to create openings for your attack.

It’s the secret sauce that separates recreational jiu-jitsu students from world class guard players. Basically kuzushi is required to sweep or submit people who don’t suck.

Just launching ‘a technique’ at your opponent is unlikely to work unless he’s a beginner. After all, every technique has a counter. But once his alignment is compromised then he’s much less able to prevent the sweep or submission. Kuzushi kills the counters.

Every single sweep, submission, or backclimb attempt should be preceded by off balancing your opponent first.

Once he’s off balance with his alignment broken he’ll be much easier to deal with. He won’t be trying to pass your guard.  He’ll be so off balance that all he’ll be thinking about is recovering his position.

His frantic reactions to get back into position actually give YOU the opportunity to launch your real attack.

There’s no such thing as magic in BJJ, but properly applied Kuzushi comes pretty close.

In The Gripfighting and Kuzushi Formula you’ll learn exactly how to apply kuzushi to triple the effectiveness of your guard in both gi and no gi, against both standing and kneeling opponents, and from both the closed and open guard.

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