The Color of the Abyss: The Story of Yukiyoshi Sagawa Book by Tsumoto Yo

The Color of the Abyss: The Story of Yukiyoshi Sagawa Book by Tsumoto Yo

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The essence of martial arts mastered by Aiki masters.
The last work of an unparalleled swordsman novelist.

First paperback version!

A posthumous work in which the leading swordsman novel tackles the abyss of martial arts!

“When you reach Aikishin, there is no self, no other person, no life, and no death.”
--Yukiyoshi Sagawa, master of Daito-ryu Aiki martial arts.

Witness a magical technique that blows away the opponent's body with just the slightest touch.

The author, who is a kendo master, became a student in order to explore the depths of the technique, but...

Following the mysterious life of a genius martial artist, through the true face of his master as seen by his disciples.

A posthumous work that approaches the essence of unknown divine work.

table of contents
Chapter 1: A small flash
Chapter 2: Storm of the wind
Chapter 3: Mysterious Chance
Chapter 4 Connection between teacher and student
Chapter 5: Conversation without words
Chapter 6 Reason and Ki
Chapter 7: The essence of Sagawa Aikikatsu method
Chapter 8: The footsteps of Sokaku Takeda Sensei
Chapter 9: Teacher's Son
Chapter 10: Secret World
Work explanation: Yoshiki Suekuni
Artist commentary: Hitoshi Kikuchi

Japanese language

400 pages

Published in 2022

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