Sword Techniques in Shinkage Ryu Kenjutsu DVD 2 by Hideo Izawa - Budovideos Inc
Sword Techniques in Shinkage Ryu Kenjutsu DVD 2 by Hideo Izawa - Budovideos Inc

Sword Techniques in Shinkage Ryu Kenjutsu DVD 2 by Hideo Izawa

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Swallow Flight: Six Forms of the Tachi (Enpi Rokka no Tachi) Edition

Shinkage-ryu Kenjutsu: Swallow Flight Tachi - Instructional Video

Explore the invisible techniques of the sword derived from the Yagyu school. Learn the hidden winning methods of Shinkage-ryu.

The essence of "Suiki's Teachings" left by the founder of Shinkage-ryu, Kamiizumi Ise-no-kami, emphasizes achieving a state of "marobashi" — a condition without resistance. However, this state is not simply about surrendering to the flow; it involves actively creating the flow itself.

This ideal is expounded in Suiki's teachings, exemplified in the forms of the Tachi explained in this DVD, "Swallow Flight Six Forms of the Tachi."

This Tachi:

  • Based on Yagyu, the source of Shinkage-ryu
  • Consists of six forms of the Tachi, practiced sequentially (renzoku-tsukai)
  • Refines the "consciousness" and "handling of body and sword" in Shinkage-ryu through wooden sword training.

Each Tachi reveals hidden "winning techniques," meticulously explained for clarity on not just the form but also the reasoning behind each movement.

Shinkage-ryu, founded by sword saint Kamiizumi Ise-no-kami in the late Sengoku period, gained renown under the second generation, Yagyu Munenori, who became the instructor for the Tokugawa Shogunate family. It is renowned as one of Japan's representative martial arts, frequently depicted in movies, novels, and television.

This DVD is recommended for those interested in:

  • Exploring the rational manipulation of body and sword in martial arts.
  • Understanding what constitutes "free and natural techniques" in martial arts.


1. Directing and Striking Induction

  • About Toyama incidents / Regarding the sighting and object matters

2. Attaching to Colors... From the Nine Forms of the Tachi

  • Attaching to colors... From the nine forms of the Tachi - Victory required
  • Following colors... From the nine forms of the Tachi - Kazuto's sermon

3. Small Tachi and Suiki's Teachings... Usage between the Three

  • Tohma (about one foot five inches) / Near intervals (receiving) / Medium intervals (cross ten things) /
  • The teaching of conveying the win / Suiki's teachings

4. Swallow Flight Six Forms of the Tachi... Tachi derived from Yagyu

  • Performance throughout / Movement of use Tachi / Movement of striking Tachi
  • First... Swallow flight
  • Second... Sarumawashi
  • Third... Inshin
  • Fourth... Tsukikage
  • Fifth... Urapa
  • Sixth... Floating boat
  • Examination of winning ways
  • First swallow flight (three beats, dragonfly reversal, court retreat, change to horizontal lines, fit from revolving sword)
  • The second monkey (hang on to each other, open in the order car, straightforward monkey turn, reverse monkey turn)
  • Third mountain shadow (place of shield Tachi, push down from above)
  • Fourth month shadow (hit in the month shadow, pull back in reverse middle level)
  • Fifth Ura Nami (fitting, winding cut)
  • Sixth floating boat (folding straightly)

[About the terop in the main part, some corrections and apologies] Some parts of the main part were incorrectly described. Please refer to the correct list. We apologize sincerely. Correct list is here

Instructor & Supervisor: Hideo Izawa (Hideo Izawa) Born in 61. From an early age, he studied various martial arts. He is the head of the Shinkage-ryu Bugei Seirenkai, dedicated to the teaching and promotion of Oshu-style Shinkage-ryu, Seigoryu, spear technique, naginata technique, and body technique. He also has deep knowledge in depth psychology and applies this learning to martial arts. DVD "Shinkage-ryu Kenjutsu [Sangakuen no Tachi Edition]"

Japanese language
61 min.


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