Straight Lead Punch of Jeet Kune Do DVD by Yutaka Matsuoka
Straight Lead Punch of Jeet Kune Do DVD by Yutaka Matsuoka

Straight Lead Punch of Jeet Kune Do DVD by Yutaka Matsuoka

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Jeet Kune Do (JKD), globally renowned as the martial art founded by Bruce Lee and further developed by Dan Inosanto.

In this DVD, Yutaka Matsuoka, a representative of Tiny Dragon and a disciple of Ted Wong, explores the core elements of JKD's three major components:

  • On-Guard Position
  • Footwork
  • Straight Lead Punch (the trademark punch executed with the lead hand)

"Learning Jeet Kune Do means understanding its intricate details" (Ted Wong)

Ted Wong, the late private student and sparring partner of Bruce Lee, imparted his teachings faithfully to Yutaka Matsuoka, emphasizing detailed posture and movement techniques.

Discover the advanced mechanics behind simplicity, aimed at achieving maximum efficiency:

  • Detailed study points of specific JKD techniques
  • Pursuit of rationality in martial arts
  • Unique exercises tailored for learning Jeet Kune Do


On-Guard Position

  • Overview of the entire posture
  • Detailed explanation of lower body components
  • Weight distribution between lead and rear legs
  • Awareness of knee positioning
  • Detailed explanation of upper body components
  • Angles of the waist and shoulders
  • Degree of forward lean in upper body
  • Positioning of arms and hands
  • Awareness of chin positioning
  • Setting targeting lines at the feet
  • Mindset considerations


  • Basic movements
  • Step & Slide
  • Side Step
  • Carving
  • Shuffle Step
  • Push Step
  • Practical movements
  • Pendulum Step
  • Burst Step
  • Open Up
  • Half Beat
  • Falling Step
  • Steel Step
  • Advanced movements
  • Stutter Step
  • Skip Step
  • Bounce Step
  • Slip Step

Straight Lead Punch

  • Correct execution
  • Examples of incorrect execution
  • Detailed learning points
  • Punching first
  • Push off (rear leg)
  • Follow step (lead leg)
  • Rotation of waist and shoulders
  • Vertical fist and three bottom knuckles
  • Penetration (impact of the fist)
  • Sequence of landing
  • Alignment of the punch
  • Three lines of the body
  • Three elements of the punch

Training (Mitt Training)

  • Direct Attack 1 to 4 / Practical examples
  • Stop Hit 1 to 4
  • Attack by Draw 1 to 4
  • Practical examples of counters
  • Simulated sparring

Supervised by: Yutaka Matsuoka
Began practicing JKD in 1980, studying Bruce Lee's methodology and deeply influenced by Ted Wong's techniques and personality. Became a certified JKD instructor under Ted Wong in October 2000. Core instructor of the Ted Wong Jeet Kune Do Group, the only registered Japanese instructor. Supervised/translated "Straight Lead" (by Terry Tom, BAB Japan) under the practice name of Jeet Kune Do Training Hall Tiny Dragon.

Language: Japanese

Run time: 56 min.

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