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Sarong DVD by Tony Montana

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Master Montana and his instructors surprise us once more with this new dvd showing the concepts and basic techniques with the Sarong from a more western perspective without leaving out its Indonesian roots. He shows various methods of working starting from a traditional aspect to more police and military work under a simple, practical methodology of teaching, a step by step guide, starting with hold, leg techniques, empty hand while paying special attention to knife and stick disarms, finishing with the kerambit in symbiosis with the sarong, connecting this with his former work on Indonesian and Filipino double edged weapons. Discover the noble art of the sarong, how they dress and how he defines this characteristically and invisible Filipino and Indonesian weapon, both two of the main pillars os his system M.T.S. After learning the general applications based on his system he will adapt the techniques in a personal way and style in order to expand on his development and study that may look similar but that will open to a whole new range of possibilities. With a continuous practice of the sarong it will become an intuitive and free form within your system.


Language: English, Spanish, Italian, French