Sambo Techniques Complete Guide Vol 2 DVD by Yasuhiro Tanaka

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In this 2nd and intermediate level Sambo instructional DVD, Tanaka instructs dozens of techniques that can be used in competition.

Chapters include:

-Koshinage (Hip throws)
--Sambo shiki sode tsurikomi koshi
--Kirikomi shiki koshi nage
--Mune koshi nage (chest hip throw)

-Sambo Tai otoshi
--Tai otoshi variations

-Sambo uchimata
--Uchimata variations

-Sutemi waza (sacrifice throws)
--Running yoko sutemi
--Flying tai torikaeshi
--Z kaeshi 1 & 2
--Henkei sumi gaeshi 1,2,3
--Hiza ura yoko sutemi 1 & 2

-Henkei hikouki nage
--Henkei hikouki nage 6 variations

-Ura nage 1 & 2

-Ya gura otoshi 1 & 2

-Kawazu kake

-Hiza keri juji katame
--Hiza keri juji katame variations

-Flying armbar (Tobi tsuki juji katame )
--Flying armbar variations

-Tomoe Juji gatame
--Tomoe juji gatame variations

-Hiza juji katame

-Ko saki

-Achilles lock

-Kneelock (Hiza katame )

-Crab Scissors (Kani basami)
--Kani basami variations

-From pins to submissions

-Lift up

-Shrimp lock (Ebi katame)

-Yasuhiro Tanaka's original submissions

Language: Japanese


Customer Reviews

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clear tutoring

since the limit is five stars, this dvd scores 4 for vivid, clear tutoring,numbers of techniques discussed,value&quality, and low level of fatigue(not boring). but surprisingly, among all three volumes, there are none about heelhook techniques...for the serious practitioner nor the curious beginner, you will not be dissapointed.