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Ryozanpaku Karatedo DVD by Yoshihiro Togashi

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Explore the dynamic world of Ryozanpaku Karate with the comprehensive guide presented by Togashi Yoshihiro, Head of the World Ryozanpaku Karate-do Union!

Delve into the innovative theory of striking known as "defeat with one strike," forged from the concentrated rotational force within the body. At the heart of Ryozanpaku Karate's powerful blows lie the principles of <Tame> and <Flexibility>.

<Flexibility> draws from the teachings of the Iwaki Shosui School of Tenshinshosuiryu Kenpo, emphasizing technique over physical size. Meanwhile, <Tame> enables practitioners to maximize the impact of a single blow, manipulating the body to unleash formidable power.


■ Thrusting using "Tame"

  • Understanding the concept of "Tame"
  • Advantages of the vertical fist
  • Power dynamics of the vertical fist
  • Strengthening techniques for the vertical fist
  • Basic follow-up thrust techniques
  • Footwork in the forward bending stance
  • Advanced techniques using "Tame"
  • Key considerations for effective follow-up thrusts
  • Introduction to rotational thrusts and their advantages

■ Kicking using "Tame"

  • Fundamentals of the front kick
  • Applying "Tame" to enhance the front kick
  • Internal mechanics of effective kicking
  • Basics of the roundhouse kick

■ Soft uke (defensive techniques)

  • Essential inner uke reverse thrusts (counter techniques)
  • Body axis movement drills
  • Techniques for double-hand uke
  • Basic elbow uke maneuvers

■ Stepwork training

  • Basics of stepwork training
  • Techniques for sending and pulling the foot
  • Forward, backward, left, and right stepping techniques
  • Circular kick drills
  • Instructional insights for effective stepping

■ Kumite kata (sparring forms)

  • Detailed breakdown of Kumite kata① to ⑥

■ Movement practice

  • Practical applications including Oi-tsuki, Jun-tsuki, Gyaku-tsuki, Mae-kick, and Mawari-kick

■ Bonus footage

  • Dou-teuchi demonstration (Instructor: Ryuichi Togashi)

Instruction and Supervision: Yoshihiro Togashi (Head of the World Ryozanpaku Karate-do Union) Born in 1954 in Yamagata Prefecture, Yoshihiro Togashi began his journey in karate at Taisei High School in Tokyo. His extensive training includes kickboxing under Meguro Gym and Okinawa Kenpo Karate-do under master Kina Toshimitsu. In 1985, he founded the Ryozanpaku Karate Union, expanding its influence across multiple locations including Sri Lanka. He remains dedicated to promoting authentic Japanese martial arts through various initiatives, including the True Japanese Martial Arts Karate Federation and KARATE KID'S JAPAN.

Run Time: 58 min.
Language: Japanese 


Ryozanpaku Karatedo DVD by Yoshihiro Togashi - Budovideos Inc

Ryozanpaku Karatedo DVD by Yoshihiro Togashi

Prezzo di listino $39.95 USD
Prezzo di listino $59.00 USD Prezzo scontato $39.95 USD

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