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Over Under by Vladislav Koulikov (On Demand)

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Over Under is a common position in stand-up grappling where each combatant has an overhook and an underhook. In this instructional, well-known grappling instructor Vladislav Koulikov teaches 20 different options from the over under. Leg trips, foot sweeps, elevations, arm drags and takedowns, you'll know all the options after studying this masterclass instructional.

  1. Intro Personal Perspective
  2. Ouchi Gari Gake Zatep
  3. Ouchi to Uki Waza
  4. Ouchi to Kosoto Gake
  5. Kouchie Gari Gake
  6. Sasae Tsurikomi X2 Perednyaya Podsechka
  7. Daeshi Barai Bokovaya  Podsechka
  8. Inverted Knee Tap
  9. Throw By
  10. Kata Guruma Mel'nitza
  11. The "Polish" Zashgivanie
  12. Kawazu Gake Obviv
  13. Tai Otoshi Ogoshi Ippon Seoi Nage
  14. Far Knee Tap
  15. Single Leg Takedown
  16. Hybrid Inside Trip
  17. Proper Pummeling
  18. Arm Drag Off Pummeling
  19. Duck Under Off Pummeling
  20. Bobble Pummeling
  21. Obtaining Double Under Hooks

Length: 51 Minutes

About the instructor:

Vlad is the founder of the Koulikov Grappling Academy (KGA), and is a world champion competitor; placing 2 times in the USA and represented team USA in Combat Sambo in the World Championship in 2008. He has placed and won multiple Naga and Grapplers Quest tournaments and was awarded the most technical fighter in the very first Grapplers Quest competition winning all his matches by submissions.

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