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Magui Baguazhang Vol 2 DVD by Li BaoHua

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Li Baohua, the 4th generation successor of Magui Baguazhang directly inheriting the complete transmission from Grandmaster Dong Haichuan, presents the essence of Baguazhang in this instructional video series. Following the success of the first installment, which introduced the authentic techniques of Magui Baguazhang, this second installment focuses on advanced applications starting with the practical use of "Single Changing Palm." It reveals specific combat techniques renowned for their practicality within Magui Baguazhang for the first time. Additionally, it provides a detailed introduction to "Double Changing Palm," allowing practitioners to advance their skills from the first volume.

In this production, Li provides explanations in English with Japanese subtitles for clarity.


  • Eight Different Ways of Walking the Circle (Zouquan Eight Methods):
    • Dragon Form, Bear Form, Lion Form, Hawk Stance, Yin-Yang Fish, Single Hook Style, Pointing to Heaven and Pressing to Earth, Crab Form
  • Eight Mother Palms of the Dragon Form (Longxing Badamuzhang)
  • Step Movements
  • Fighting Applications of Single Changing Palm
  • Single Changing Palm Applications:
    • Eyebrow Wiping, Leaf Bottom Hidden Flower, Wild Horse Looks into the Distance, Back Death Wolf, Shoulder Strike, Palm Strike, Pointing Stab, Palm Collision
  • Double Changing Palm:
    • Overview, Demonstration, Details
    • Techniques: Hook Step, Walking Step and Flick Flower, Pointing to Heaven and Pressing to Earth, Big Sway Step, Big Hook Step, Double Palm Collision, Riding Horse with Active Carry, Wulong Turning Body
    • Hand Movements, Body Structure, Step Movements, Eye Concentration
  • Applications of Double Changing Palm:
    • Upward and Downward Movements, Big Hook Sway Step
  • Essential Points of Double Changing Palm - Power Issue
  • Mother Palm and Variation:
    • Applications of Palm Variation
    • Presentation of Mother Palm and Variation


  • Li Baohua
  • Born in 1964 in Henan Province, China. From 1994 to 2010, he was a lecturer at Beijing Institute of Technology with a Master's degree in Engineering. He began training in Chinese martial arts, particularly internal martial arts, at the age of 18 and continues to practice to this day. As the crucial 4th generation inheritor of Magui Baguazhang, he conducted sporadic workshops in Japan before formally establishing classes in 2010 to promote Magui Baguazhang in Japan. Since 2012, he has expanded his activities to Europe and other Western countries, dedicated to teaching and spreading his knowledge worldwide.

Language: Japanese with English subtitles

Run time: 90 min.


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Magui Baguazhang Vol 2 DVD by Li BaoHua