Kyusho Jitsu DVD with Evan Pantazi

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In This surprising DVD, Master Evan Pantazi - 7th Dan and student of the well known professor George A. Dillman - presents Kyusho Jitsu to us in a demonstrative and educational way. Kyusho Jitsu is a system in which the opponent is weakened through the weakest anatomical structures in the body, but without causing him any type of physical lesion. Under his guidance we analyze starting point for the correct understanding of the Kyusho. A work that is certainly worth the pain you have to suffer, because the fantastic thing is that these techniques can be transmitted to others and learned.

Language: English, Spanish, Italian, French

Customer Reviews

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eugenio di loreto
I recommend.

I have see, some Dillman´s videos. But I do prefer Pantazi way to explain and demonstrate techniques of kyusho. I really liked so much. ]I have bought 5 videos of Evan. I recommend.

Steven Hall
this is a must have

This is one of the best Kyusho DVD's I have watched. If you just starting out in kyusho this is a must have. I covers Pressure points with agngle and direction. How to heal after you have applied the pressure points. This is very important for you uki's safety.Also contains some nice knockouts!