Krav Maga Fundamental Strategies Book by David Kahn

Krav Maga Fundamental Strategies Book by David Kahn

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Develop counter violence expertise with a deep dive into krav maga’s core self-defense strategies and principles.

Israeli Krav Maga is the optimum orchestration of counter violence and is especially designed to prevail against any aggressor.

Whatever your defensive or tactical background is, the material in this book can add additional solutions to your self-defense skills. Drawing from nearly every level of the krav maga curriculum, this book offers you big picture thinking and a complete overview of krav maga’s tactics and principles.

Equally applicable across the spectrum of martial arts and fighting systems. 

Contents include

  • Disengagement strategies
  • Training strategies
  • Legal issues and cautions
  • Defensive strategies

Presented are over 100 situational scenarios depicted with numerous dynamic photographs. Solutions are offered for many conditions including de-escalation, road rage, defensive and offensive strategies, a sobering look at the legal use of force, and many more.

Good tactical minds generally think alike. Whatever your martial arts or defensive background, this book is designed to synergize any previous professional self-defense knowledge to enhance your personal survival blueprint.

About the Author

David Kahn serves as the Israeli Krav Maga Association's U.S. Chief Instructor and teaches federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies along with all branches of the U.S. military. David is the only American ever to sit on the non-profit Israeli Krav Maga Association's board of directors. David is also a certified instructor through the New Jersey Police Training Commission and Mercer County Police Academy and also teaches at the New Jersey State Police Academy.

David received his advanced blackbelt teaching certifications from Grandmaster Haim Gidon of the Israeli Krav Maga Association.

David graduated from Princeton University cum laude and received his juris doctor from the University of Miami School of Law. Professionally, David has recruited Emmy Award Winning Actor James Gandolfini and Grammy Award Winning Musician John Mayer as his financial partners for developing krav maga along with his brother, Abel Kahn.

320 pages

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    Decatur Ranger
    Far away

    Explanations and discussion is good as in my two other Khan books

    The issue is the pictures of techniques

    Why so far away????

    Very poor choice of photographs

    HUGE departure from previous books

    Very disappointed