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Kamiwaza: How to Train Budo Master Skills DVD 2 Kenjutsu & Iaijutsu by Tetsuzan Kuroda & Tatsuya Naka

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Kobujutsu Kuroda Tetsuzan x Karate Naka Tatsuya

Mastering the Speed of Martial Arts

Experience a rare collaboration between two martial arts legends in this captivating DVD!

"Ah, my hips! They turn so freely." — Kuroda Tetsuzan
"My hips are turning no matter what." — Naka Tatsuya

Kuroda Tetsuzan, celebrated as a national treasure in kobujutsu.
Naka Tatsuya, a charismatic karate master with over 600,000 subscribers on his video channel.

These titans of martial arts join forces for an unprecedented collaboration on DVD!

"If you react like Naka Sensei, I think you can handle anything." — Kuroda Tetsuzan

Karate master Naka Tatsuya, dedicated to the path of martial arts, holds deep respect for Kuroda Tetsuzan, a master of traditional martial arts who transformed his understanding of the discipline.

Under Master Kuroda's personal guidance, Naka explores the Kuroda-style training method (※) across two volumes.

Can they find no solution even in this training?

Volume 2: Kenjutsu Iai Edition

Delve into seven meticulously recorded kenjutsu iai-style playful training exercises in this DVD. These drills extract the essence of Master Kuroda's lightning-fast sword techniques, focusing on mastering secrets like the straight cut.

This DVD is essential for enthusiasts seeking to explore the depth of this ancient martial art, distinct from both modern martial arts and combat sports.

※... A method focusing on kata's key points for intensive training, known as playful training.


  • Securing the right arm using a tool... Moving backwards without shifting the center of gravity
  • Ichimonji-koshi (body movement for kesagiri)
  • The secret of the straight cut
  • The secret of the horizontal sweep
  • Vertical sword (straight cut with footwork)
  • Backward reversal... ① Vertical sword / ② Horizontal sword
  • Straight cut in one rhythm

Instructor and Supervisor: Kuroda Tetsuzan, 15th Head of Shinbukan
From an early age, he studied the five traditional schools of martial arts under his grandfather (Taichi) and father (Shigeki). Awarded the title of 8th Dan Hanshi in Kobudo (Dai Nippon Butoku Kai) at age 20 in 1970, he views kata as a pathway to a "martial arts body," rejecting kata as mere combat templates. He teaches and practices traditional martial arts techniques that defy brute force, earning high regard in the martial arts community.

Starring: Tatsuya Naka
Instructor at Japan Karate Association Headquarters: 7th Dan
Began Wado-ryu karate at age 13, achieving numerous championships and accolades at Meguro High School and Takushoku University (Karate Club). Joined Japan Karate Association Headquarters in 1989, winning the individual kumite at the 35th National Tournament. Also known for his role in the movie "Black Belt," based on a novel by Nishi Fuyuhiko, he oversees the Karate Association's Taishi Juku, fostering self-training for youths and adults alike.

Language: Japanese

Length: 68 min.


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Christopher Smaby
Kamiwaza: How to Train Budo Master Skills DVD #1 and #2 by Tetsuzan Kuroda & Tatsuya Naka

I found these DVDs both interesting and informative even though they were in Japanese with no subtitles, which I knew it would be when I purchased them. Because I have been a student of Japanese Karate for a very long time, I was able to perform the skills that were demonstrated. I have also had enough experience with Aikido that I was able to follow the techniques that were presented in both DVDs #1 and #2. I have been fortunate to have trained in Japan with Naka Sensei so I just followed his lead as if I were at the JKA. Tape #2 delt with Iaido skills which was interesting. Both of these DVDs are not basic skills but more advanced techniques combining Karate, Aikido and Iaido. I recommend them for the advanced student of these Martial Arts.