Ippon Judo Clinic DVD by Toshihiko Koga (Preowned)
Ippon Judo Clinic DVD by Toshihiko Koga (Preowned)
Ippon Judo Clinic DVD by Toshihiko Koga (Preowned)
Ippon Judo Clinic DVD by Toshihiko Koga (Preowned)
Ippon Judo Clinic DVD by Toshihiko Koga (Preowned)

Ippon Judo Clinic DVD by Toshihiko Koga (Preowned)

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This lesson DVD is directed by Koga Toshihiko, the Sanshiro of the Heisei era, who has set numerous records with his sharp techniques from his small stature, and is aimed at judokas who want to score "ippon". The recording time is over 170 minutes! Detailed explanations of how to apply techniques and the flow of consecutive techniques are given for both sumo and kenka techniques! In addition, it thoroughly teaches the Koga style of judo, where soft overcomes hard, including "strikes that are useful in real combat" and "one-point techniques to win in kumite"!

With Japanese and English subtitles (*the interviews do not have subtitles).

Chapter 1: Basics of Kumite
Chapter 2: Basics of Uchikomi ~ Aiming for a win
Chapter 3: Aiyotsu
3-1: Seoi-nage
3-2: Ippon-seoi-nage
3-3: Tomoe-nage
3-4: Osoto-gari
3-5: Sode-tsurikomi-goshi
3-6: Ouchi-gari
3-7: Uchi-mata
3-8: Harai-goshi
3-9: Tai-otoshi
3-10: Seoi-otoshi
3-11: Kouchi-gari
Chapter 4: Kenka yotsu
4-1: Seoi-nage
4-2: Ippon-seoi-nage Ippon-seoi-nage
4-3: Tomoe-nage
4-4: Osoto-gari (3 types)
4-5: Kouchi-gari from leg sweep feint
4-6: Kosoto-gake (3 types)
4-7: Koshi-guruma
4-8: Ouchi-gari (2 types)
4-9: Uchi-mata (3 types)
4-10: Harai-goshi (3 types)
4-11: Nidan-seoi-otoshi
4-12: Sode-tsurikomi-goshi (4 types)
Chapter 5: Various Uchikomi
Chapter 6: One-point technique to win in kumite
Bonus footage: Special interview with Koga Toshihiko

Koga Toshihiko: Born in Fukuoka Prefecture in 1967. Won two consecutive world championships and two weight classes, won the gold medal at the Barcelona Olympics in the -71kg class and the silver medal at the Atlanta Olympics in the -78kg class. After retiring from active competition in 2000, he became the All Japan Women's Judo Training Coach. At the Athens Olympics, he was a major contributor to Tanimoto Ayumi's gold medal win as her coach. He also opened a local dojo called "Koga Juku" with the aim of developing children's character. After that, in 2007, he became a professor at IPU (Inter-Pacific University) and the general manager of the judo club, where he has trained top-level athletes in the student judo world. Wanting to respect and support the individuality of each athlete, he obtained his medical doctorate in 2012.

Language: Japanese with English subtitles

Run time: 2 hours and 50 minutes

Published in 2013

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